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Barkers Stump Removal provides tree stump removal services in the South East Melbourne Region of Victoria Australia. Barkers Tree Stump Removals is operated by Neville Barker who has over ten years experience in the tree stump removal business and has a range of equipment that can access tight areas, which includes raised garden beds and narrow gates.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stumps left in the ground can be unsafe and unsightly and start rotting or even growing again. Tree stump removal by excavation can be difficult, strenuous, time consuming and costly. The more cost effective and quick alternative is to use a stump grinder that is operated by an expert. By using a stump grinder you can also turn your old stumps into good, clean, fresh garden mulch. So give us a call as we have the skills and expertise to remove your stumps.

Tight Access Areas are our Specialty

Barkers Tree Stump Removals specialises in the removal of tree stumps in small garden beds, on retaining walls and tight access areas. We will take every care possible with your garden and ensure that you plants and trees are not damaged in the process of ginding the tree stump.

Value for Money and Excellent Customer Service

Barkers Tree Stump Removals is an affordable stump grinding service and we pride ourselves on providing customers with a service that is value for money for our customers.

Contact Neville Barker

Contact Nevile Barker on Mobile 0408057464 to discuss your requirements and obtain a free quotation.

Barkers Tree Stump Removals – Any Stump, Any Size, Anywhere